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Wix: Troubleshooting
Wix: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips for using ConvertKit + Wix

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First things first 

Wix requires users to create an iframe to embed content. 

An iframe is like a window into another website. That means, you are embedding something that layers on top of your site, which acts as a portal to another page.

There can be a few limitations that come up, as a result of embedding ConvertKit Forms onto a Wix site. Here are a few tips to get things working properly: 

Avoid Modals and Slide-In Forms

Because of the iframe issue, Modals and Slide-in Forms do not load properly, and often won't trigger properly. As a result of this, we only recommend using Inline Forms if your site is built using the Wix editor. Otherwise, it may not work as expected.

Avoid Thank You Pages

Due to the use of an iframe design, only the iframe will load the thank-you page, and it will become obvious that something looks off. 

The only method that will make it look natural on the page is to show a success message for your Form when Subscribers opt-in. 

You've tried to embed the Form using Javascript or HTML but the Form doesn't show up

Wix has a setting on their iframes that will sometimes automatically disable embedding of a Form. To fix this, you'll need to reach out to the Wix team, and request that they enable this feature for ConvertKit Forms to show up. 

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