Our integration with Stripe makes a lot of things easier. Here are a few tips in case things are currently not so easy: 

Stripe Integration Not Connecting

For trouble connecting the Stripe integration, when you get to the step where the spinning circle comes up, there is a pop-up that will ask you to sign into Stripe. If you're not seeing a pop-up, it's possible your browser is blocking it. You may need to enable this on your browser for our site.

Purchases Not Showing Up Under Visual Automations

For purchases to show up under Visual Automation, after connecting the integration, at least one purchase must be made before the option is available

A test purchase will not work here, because the webhook will only trigger for live purchases. So you must make a live purchase--but you can set a discount to minimize the fees Stripe will charge.

Stripe Purchase Missing

The current Stripe integration will only pull in certain purchases and not others. Specifically it watches for these events: "charge succeeded" and "subscription updated." If your Stripe setup is sending data on some other event, our integration may not capture it.

So, if your Subscriber has made a purchase and you don't see the purchase reflected through the integration, this might be the reason. We have plans to build out the Stripe integration further, in the future!

Multiple Stripe Products only showing up as “Stripe Payment” in ConvertKit

Stripe sends ConvertKit webhooks that contain information about purchases that were completed. From this information, ConvertKit needs to assign the purchase to a product record. We determine which product record through the information provided by Stripe. When there is not enough information from Stripe to determine the product, we assign it to the fallback “Stripe Payment”, which is what you will see in areas like Visual Automations.

The Amount of Purchase is Incorrect, or Duplicate Purchases are Showing

These might be bug related and if you encounter this, let us know. We'd be happy to investigate!

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