Landing Pages are super quick to set up and really powerful. Whether you're just starting to grow your list and don't have a website, or you have a huge list and want to promote something specific, Landing Pages can help!

In this series of articles we're taking a quick look at how you could use Landing Page templates. While there are no rules about how you structure your pages, we hope this will give you some inspiration and help you get creative! 

Note: To learn more about creating a landing page, start here: How to Create a Landing Page


This template is amazing for writers! 

As a writer, the first thing you want your audience to see is, well, your writing! Princeton helps you do that with a text-first approach.

Here's an example of it in action promoting a free guide:

Highlight Your Writing

Princeton’s huge text area and beautiful serif font gives it a publication feel. Use it to highlight your great writing and entice readers to sign up.

Add a Personal Touch

As a writer you're often behind the scenes. But, with Princeton, you can add a face to the name and connect even more with your audience. The large image area provides a great place to add a portrait, while the Form below includes it's own image area, perfect for showing the cover of a guide, book, or other publication you're promoting!

Landing Pages Use Cases

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