Landing Pages are super quick to set up and really powerful. Whether you're just starting to grow your list and don't have a website, or you have a huge list and want to promote something specific, Landing Pages can help!

In this series of articles we're taking a quick look at how you could use Landing Page templates. While there are no rules about how you structure your pages, we hope this will give you some inspiration and help you get creative! 

NOTE: To learn more about creating a landing page, start here: Create A Landing Page


There's so much potential with this template! 

If you're a photographer, the first thing you want potential clients to see are your best shots. Belmont helps you do that by putting your best work front and center.

Here's an example of it in action promoting wedding photography.

Show Your Best 

The three circular image containers in Belmont are perfect for showing a quick sample of your best work. While they're not a replacement for a portfolio, they do allow you to share enough to get a potential client interested in learning more.

Put Your Mark on It

Belmont also has really flexible color selections, so it works extremely well for setting up the perfect mood to compliment your photography style, and the top banner is great for communicating special offers or bonuses included when subscribing!

Landing Pages Use Cases

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