✉️ Incentive Email 

You may know this as a Confirmation Email, as well. This is the email that sends when someone subscribes to your landing page.

You can have this email send out, or not at all, just check ✅ Send Incentive Email.

You can also choose if those who sign up get confirmed right away before clicking on the button in the email. To do this, check ✅Auto-confirm new Subscribers.

You can choose to send the incentive email, and you can choose to auto-confirm users as they subscribe.

This is place to upload a lead magnet file, or redirect to a page upon confirmation.

You can completely customize this email to make it about your download, incentivizing your Subscribers to confirm or download anything you're offering!

First, open up the Incentive Email content editor.

After you check ✅ Send Incentive Email, you can click the grey button below it to Edit Email Contents.

You'll be taken to a full screen takeover to edit which address your email comes from, and also everything in the email itself, from the subject line, to the message and button text!

Note: The button color only appears blue by default, but when it sends out it will actually be the same exact color that you set for your Subscribe button. 🙂

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