You've created your Landing Page and are ready to dive into the settings. Here's everything you can do with your Landing Page!

When you go into your Landing Page editor, where you can see and edit your Landing Page, you can see the sidebar menu on the righthand side of the page.

You'll notice several icons in the sidebar menu. Here's a brief overview on each of those.



In the top gear icon, you'll be taken into the main settings for where Subscribers go when they sign up.
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Incentive Email 

You may know this as a Confirmation Email, as well. This is the email that sends when someone subscribes to your page.
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On the style tab, you can change the current Template for your Landing Page, set the Color or background image, the Form color, and add CSS code for further customization.  
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Advanced Settings

In the top gear icon, you’ll be taken into the main settings for when a Subscriber signs up. You can also duplicate, archive or delete your Landing Page.
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