Your Subscribers behavior will look different at the end of a Sequence, depending on whether or not that Sequence is inside of a Visual Automation. 

Subscribers in a Sequence, within a Visual Automation, will show as Completed, once they have gone through all of the emails. They will then move to the next step in your Visual Automation, and leave that Sequence altogether. This is the "Completed" status, and will show up in your stats, looking like this: 

Subscribers in a Sequence, NOT within a Visual Automation, will simply remain inside of that Sequence unless removed. (Either manually, or through an automation.) On their Subscriber Profile page, you’ll see that they belong to that Sequence, and will not show as “Completed”. 

Keep Subscribers from completing a Sequence in a Visual Automation

If you would like Subscribers to remain in a Sequence, within a Visual Automation, you’ll want to follow this workaround: 

  • Add an additional email to the end of your Sequence 
  • Publish that email (content isn’t necessary) 
  • Set the sending for that specific email to 999 days 

This will allow you room and time to add additional emails if you like, without those Subscribers dropping out of the end of your Sequence!

Other Subscriber States

If a Subscriber unsubscribes from a Sequence, inside or outside of a Visual Automation, their Profile will show them as having unsubscribed. 

If a Subscriber is removed from a Sequence, within a Visual Automation, they will show as having been “Removed”. This can happen one of two ways: 

  • Manually, by you 
  • Automatically, by another automation 

Connect Your Form to a Sequence

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