Log in to ConvertKit to get the API Key for your integration:

  • Go to Account Settings.

  • Copy the API Key.

To activate your ConvertKit integration in Kajabi:

  • Open the Settings tab.

  • Select Third Party Integrations.

  • Toggle on the ConvertKit integration.

Step 2: Adding the ConvertKit Form ID to a Kajabi Form

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In your ConvertKit account:

  • Create a new Form

  • Copy the Form ID in the URL.

In your Kajabi admin:

  • Create a new Form or edit an existing one.

  • Check the box next to "Send the contact to a third party email provider".

  • Select ConvertKit.

  • Paste the Form ID:

Click Save at the bottom of the page and you're good to go! Submissions through that Kajabi Form will be added to your Form in ConvertKit.

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