If you use Stripe for transactions, you can use ConvertKit to stay even more connected to your customers!

This integration uses our Purchases feature, which gives you a lot of information about your subscribers. In this article we'll take a look at how to get set up!

NOTE: Hooking up this integration will pull in your past purchasers.

Connect to Stripe

Go to Automations → Integrations in your ConvertKit account. Then select Stripe.

Click the button to authorize ConvertKit to access Stripe.

A window will pop up asking you to allow the connection to Stripe. Click "Connect to my Stripe account" to continue.

Note: If you're not already logged in or need to switch accounts, you can do so by following the link in the top right corner.

After that, you'll be taken back to ConvertKit. Click next and you'll see a webhook url that allows ConvertKit to access information about payments.

To add this webhook to your Stripe account:

  1. Login to your Stripe dashboard.
  2. From the menu on the left, click API.
  3. Select the Webhooks tab.
  4. Click on + Add endpoint.
  5. Paste your webhook url.
  6. Click Add endpoint.

NOTE: When adding the webhook to Stripe, please select the 'All Events' option rather than selecting them one by one from the dropdown. Stripe will show you a warning message about server load, but this will not be a problem. Our integration will automatically sort and discard any received events that it does not know how to handle.

Last but not least, you'll need to perform a test purchase of one of your products in order for Stripe purchases to be an option for your visual automation entry points. (Or, if someone purchases your product for real, that'll work too!)

That's it! You're now integrated with Stripe.

How it Works

When someone purchases from you using Stripe, they'll be added as a subscriber in ConvertKit. From there, you'll be able see which products they've purchased by going to the Purchases tab in their Subscriber Profile!

Create an Automation for Your Customers

Now we're going to actually do something with this new integration. Buckle up.

To get started, go to automations and click the New Automation button.

Then select "Create Automation" to create an entry point for your automation, and select "Any Product" (or a specific product if you prefer).

Note: If you don't see your products or have questions about the Purchase feature, click here to see the Purchases Setup and FAQ

From there you can add customers to sequences, tags, and more, to create the perfect post-purchase experience. 

Important: This integration is still being finalized by our engineering team. Individual products in Stripe may not appear in your ConvertKit account but we're always working to make the integration even better! 

Click here to continue building your automation.

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