See individual Subscribers history and profile info by clicking on any Subscriber from any part of your list

Whenever you click on a Subscriber, you'll be taken to their profile, starting with their Email History.

Under the Email History tab, you'll see Email Type, Subject, and the Sent time.

Notice the green dots ๐Ÿ’š next to the Broadcast and the Incentive email. Let's go over what those colored circles indicate.

Email History

Next to all of the emails you send out, you'll notice colored circles to the left of each subject line. Here is what each of those colored circles represent.

(You can hover over these in a Subscriber's profile if you forget.)

The Sequences Tab

The next tab will show you what Sequences this Subscriber is actively on, as well as when they first got added to that Sequence.

Notice the trash can icon on the right. ๐Ÿ—‘ This allows you to cancel their subscription to this particular Sequence.

If you want them to no longer be active on this Sequence (i.e. stop receiving emails from it), you can click this trash can to cancel them on the Sequence.

It will then show "Cancelled" where it used to show "Active".

The Forms Tab

Here is where you'll how many Forms a Subscriber is on, and also when they first got added to this Form.

A little tip: if your Form was set to send an Incentive email as a double opt-in, and it also does not auto-confirm them, then "Active" on the Form means they clicked on the button in the email.

If your Incentive email is not set to auto-confirm, it will say "Inactive" on the Form if they do not click on the button.

The Purchases Tab

Lastly, the Purchases tab shows you which subscribers are now also customers!ย 

See more on how to setup the Purchases feature โ†’

And when you click on the the dropdown arrow on the far right, you'll see more Purchase order details.

Subscriber Fields, Tags, and Segments

If you look over to the righthand side of the Subscriber profile, you'll see the field data. Like Email Address, First Name, and any custom fields you're added.

Underneath the subscriber's fields, you'll find their current Tags and Segments.

Again, notice those same trash can icons. ๐Ÿ—‘ You can click them to remove the Subscriber from the Tag or Segment that they are on.

Note: The trash can icons next to the custom fields will remove the custom field as a wholeโ€”from all Subscriber profiles.

How to Add Custom Fields

Above the red button for Update Subscriber, you'll see some clickable text that lets you + Add a new field.

Then, in Field name, type in what you'd like this custom field to be called.

In Field value, you can insert the info for this specific Subscriber.

How to Add Tags to the Subscriber

Next to the ๐Ÿ—‘ you can click theโž• to add any of your Tags to this Subscriber. If you have Automations that begin with the Tag you're adding, this will trigger the Automation.ย 

Create a Segment to Organize Subscribers

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