You want ConvertKit to be the best and so do we! 

We really appreciate hearing from customers using ConvertKit to get things done. As the platform and marketing strategies grow and change, we know there are a ton of opportunities for new features and improvements.

That's where you come in!

How to Request a Feature or Improvement

If you see an opportunity for a new feature or improvement, the first step is to check the ConvertKit Roadmap to see if we're currently working on it! 

What is the ConvertKit Roadmap?

If you don't see what you were looking for on the Roadmap, requesting a new feature or improvement is as easy as reaching out to our Support team. Just let us know:

  • What would the feature/improvement do?
  • How would the feature/improvement help you (anything specific is appreciated!)?
  • Do you see the feature/improvement as a high priority?

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