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3 Reasons To Use ConvertKit Instead Of Mailchimp
3 Reasons To Use ConvertKit Instead Of Mailchimp

Are you switching from Mailchimp? Here are some benefits to consider when switching to ConvertKit.

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If you're new to email marketing, you may have started with a Mailchimp account.

However, some of the features (or lack of features) in Mailchimp might have been preventing you from running successful email campaigns.

Let’s break down the three biggest reasons why switching to ConvertKit can help you gain more subscribers and build great relationships over email.

#1: Mailchimp can make you miss out on new subscribers

One of the best ways to get people to sign up to your email list is through incentives. Just asking someone to ‘join your newsletter’ isn’t going to be nearly as effective as offering them a free gift to subscribe.

People love free things.

It's true.

It’s a good practice to offer opt-in gifts to people that sign up for your email list!

With ConvertKit you can easily add your PDF, cheat sheet, or checklist incentive directly to the confirmation email.

This way, when people confirm their subscription, they are receiving their freebie at the same time!

Can you send opt-ins with Mailchimp? Yes. However, the process of sending automatic opt-ins with Mailchimp is cumbersome and difficult. That’s because it wasn’t designed from the ground up to make it easy to add incentive opt-ins like ConvertKit was.

Add some free opt-ins to your signup forms and you’ll see that it can dramatically increase the number of new subscribers you get!

#2: Mailchimp limits you to one opt-in per list

Once you start using free opt-ins you’ll realize the power they have in convincing people to sign up to your email list. But what if you want to create more than one opt-in?

With Mailchimp, this isn’t possible. You are limited to only one opt-in per list. Not good.

The Convertkit solution is to allow you unlimited opt-ins per list.

Using multiple opt-ins allows you to test which freebie works the best for your audience. You can also create separate opt-ins for different blog posts on your website, matching your free gift with each.

Once a new Subscriber opts in to your content, they are then added to your list. You can also separate that list into Tags for even more powerful customization.

Using this method will help to increase your number of new Subscribers, since you are able to match the opt-in to the content on your website.

#3: Mailchimp autoresponders are difficult to create and edit

The heart of email marketing is creating relationships.

This is accomplished through stories, anecdotes, and emails that teach what you know. By creating an automatic series of emails (a sequence), you can create a strong relationship with your new subscribers.

Using Mailchimp, you can create autoresponders, but it’s not an easy process. In ConvertKit, you can build a Sequence so that you are automatically sending something to your new subscribers.

Want to add more emails to the Sequence? Super easy to do!

Want to rearrange the order of the Sequence? Just drag and drop.

You can easily click between different emails and craft a series of messages that really connects with your audience. These features in ConvertKit make writing so natural that you’ll find yourself creating lots of Sequences which will keep your audience engaged for the long-term!

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