Sometimes you have a perfect piece of content you want a potential Subscriber to see. You know that once they see it, they'll want to join your list, and you can make that offer at the perfect time with scroll percentage!

When you create a new form, you have the option to set up an Inline or Modal Form. While Inline Forms are great in most cases, Modal Forms capture attention and offer some great features that you can't get with Inline Forms.

Want to see how else you can change the Settings in your Modal Form? Check out the Link Click, Timing, and Exit Intent features!

The Scroll Percentage Display Option

If you want to make an offer to visitors who are deep into reading your content, set your Modal Form to display at a specific scroll percentage.

To set your Form up to display on scroll percentage:

1. Create a new Modal Form. If you haven't done this yet, check out our Beginners Guide to Forms.

2. Select the gear icon in the right sidebar to see your Form Settings.

3. Select "scroll percentage" from the Display Options. 

Note: Selecting this option will only change the behavior of a Form that is embedded on your site. The Form preview will remain the same.

Other Modal Form options

If you'd like to trigger the Modal to display when clicking a link, you'll need this code.

"Which devices should see this?"

By default, your Modal Form will display on both desktop and mobile sites. But if you'd rather limit the Form to only desktop or mobile, this is the place to do it!

"How often should visitor see this?"

This option defines how many days will go by before the Form is shown again to a visitor who's already seen it.

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