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What does Subscriber-centric mean?
What does Subscriber-centric mean?

ConvertKit stands out from the pack, because we are Subscriber-centric, rather than list-centric. Here’s what that means!

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If you’re new to ConvertKit, one of your first questions might be, “So, how do I create a list?”

The answer? You don’t! Instead, you create Tags & Segments to organize your Subscriber list.

ConvertKit is a Subscriber-centric platform

This means each Subscriber is only counted once in your account. You have one main list of Subscribers, but they can be further categorized with our powerful Tagging & Segmenting features.

Reasons why this is awesome:

  • Smarter Subscriber organization. Our Tagging & Segmenting features are much more fluid and flexible than a list-centric model.

  • You won't be charged for duplicate Subscribers. No matter how many times someone opts into one of your Forms or Landing Pages, they will only appear once on your list. 

  • More efficient tracking of customers and Subscriber activity. Organizing your list using Tags & Segments allows you to send more highly specialized content to each group of Subscribers. 

  • Know exactly what each customer has purchased, and what they haven't. Check out our Purchases guide here.

The Subscriber-centric model is 10x as powerful as other systems, and only requires a few additional minutes to learn!

If you've used any of these legacy email providers, you have probably found that lists are horribly inflexible… not to mention the possibility of duplicate emails. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Tags & Segments are ConvertKit's answer to these headaches. 

Instead of creating an inflexible list as the first step, you can create organizational Tags and fluid Segments at any step of the process.

Segments are particularly useful because you can change their parameters anytime you want. That's a win in both flexibility and ease, because Segments will automatically include Subscribers who fit its criteria, and exclude those who don’t.

When should I use a Tag versus a Segment?

Tags & Segments are both tools at your disposal for organizing your Subscribers, but they have different strengths and best use cases.

Check out the video titled Tags & Segments within our Lunch & Learn Video Series for an overview of how they differ as well as how to work with them in-app!

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