Not quite sure what a Sequence is, or when to use one? Check out this article first!

Starting from the Sequences page in your account (accessible under 'Automations' in the top navigation bar), click the red ‘New Sequence’ button near the top right, and give your Sequence a name.

NOTE: The Sequence’s name is for your reference only, and can be changed at anytime.

The Sequence Editor

Once your Sequence is created, you’ll be presented with a page that has an email editor on the left, and your Sequence email(s) listed on the right sidebar:

From the sidebar, you can add new emails using the 'Add Email' button. You can also drag & drop to rearrange their order, then click the 'Save Order' button to save your changes:

To edit an email, select it from the sidebar and then make your changes in the editor to the left.

There are also several options available above the email editor. You can toggle whether this email is published, adjust the sending delay, add a filter, delete the email, or preview it (either in browser or you can send yourself a test email):

Let’s go over each of these options!


By default, your emails will be set to draft (unpublished) mode when newly created. Draft emails won’t send to your subscribers, so once you’re ready, make sure you publish your email via the toggle:

Send this email

Under the 'Send this email' menu above the email editor, you can adjust the delay before which that particular email in the Sequence should be sent:

The delay is relative to the email prior to it in the Sequence. In the case of the first email, the delay is relative to when the Subscriber gets added to the Sequence.

Only the very first email can be set to send immediately. To do so, just set the delay to 0 days. All other emails have to have a minimum of a 1 hour delay between them.

Deleting Emails

You can delete an email from your Sequence by clicking the trash can icon above the email editor.


You can use the filters to exclude certain groups of Subscribers from specific emails in your Sequence. Click here to learn more!


Under the Preview heading, you can either view your Sequence email in browser or by entering your email address to receive a preview straight to your inbox. 👁

If you're using our new email editor, changes to your sequence content will autosave along the way, but they won't be applied to the live version of your sequence until you click the 'Publish' button to the lower right of the email editor. To learn more about how sequence autosave works, we have a separate guide here! (If you're using our legacy editor, you'll still need to manually save your changes.)

The Sequence Settings Page

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