So you're ready to begin.

Below are a few basic steps which you can follow all at once, or one at a time. Either way, you’ll be on your way to successfully building your audience and pursuing that hustle!

1. Create A Form

This is your starting point, and the best way to begin engaging with your audience! Whether you are building out your blog or website, it is step one toward building your list.

Click the image to begin building your Form

2. Build Your First Sequence

This isn’t as scary as it sounds! Your first Sequence, or Welcome Sequence, can be just a few emails long if you like. (We recommend starting with 2-5 emails.) 

It's smart to engage your Subscribers from the start, and this is a great way to do it.

What To Write

Scared you won’t know what to say? Have no fear! We’ve compiled a great example list for you, which will inspire confidence!

Check out our content inspiration and Overcome the Blank Page!

3.Connect Your Form To Your Sequence

You’ve created an opt-in for your audience, you’ve built out your first Sequence, and now you’re ready to connect the two! You'll do this by clicking into the Automations tab of your account dashboard. 

Click the image for more 

You want to be sure and continue to engage new Subscribers right away, and connecting your Form to your first Sequence is how to do it!

Once you’ve done this, feel free to run a test, by submitting your own email to your Form. You should see your confirmation email come through, (Double Opt-In), followed by the first email of your Welcome Sequence. 

NOTE: Be sure to check any delays you've set up, as well as sending times, in your Sequence Settings.

4. Continue building out your first Visual Automation

This can be as simple as connecting your first Form to your first Sequence, like in Step Three. Or you can choose to build out a slightly bigger funnel. 

Click the image to learn more about starting a Visual Automation

Create an entry point, like a Form or a Tag, and then select a Sequence, where your Subscriber will go. It’s like a roadmap!

Recapping your 4 starting points

  • Create your first Form, and embed it onto your site or blog. (No website yet? That's okay, you can try out one of our many new Landing Pages, which are hosted by us!) 
  • Create your first Sequence 
  • Connect your Form and Sequence to engage new Subscribers immediately 
  • Build out your first Visual Automation, with additional steps

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