Wistia Integration

Step-by-step guide on how to connect Wistia to ConvertKit.

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Connecting your Wistia and ConvertKit accounts is simple. Thanks to Wistia's Turnstile feature, you can now add an email opt-in to a video hosted on Wistia. This allows you to collect email addresses from people who want to view your videos and engage them with further content. Here's how:

First you'll want to connect your Wistia account to your ConvertKit account. Once you're logged into Wistia, click on Account in the top menu. You'll notice a convenient 'Integrations' option within that menu:

Click 'Integrations,' then scroll down until you see the option for ConvertKit. Click it, then enter your ConvertKit API key. You can find your ConvertKit API key in the Advanced Account Settings of your ConvertKit account.

After pasting in your API Key, click "Connect" and you'll see a Success message and the green checkmarks stating "Primary" and "Connected"

Then head to Projects to choose the video you want to add an email Turnstile to. Select that video, then in the Media menu on the left, choose 'Customize.'

After the 'Customize' menu opens, click the 'Turnstyle' option. You'll then see this menu:

Choose the settings you want for your Turnstile. The default is to have it appear immediately but you can change the time it shows up, whether you collect names, whether your viewers can skip it, and even the text.

Then choose the Form (Wistia's interface refers to this as a "ConvertKit List") you want them subscribed to.

Be sure to click Save at the top before moving on!

Then test your Turnstile by heading to the public link for your video and opting in. 

NOTE: It could take several minutes for the two programs to talk to one another and have your email address appear on your Subscribers list in ConvertKit.

Depending on how your Form is set up, you may need to confirm your subscription inside your email inbox before seeing your name on your list of Subscribers.

From here it's all about staying in touch with your new Subscribers. Enjoy the connection to your video viewers and your newfound freedom to use video to grow your email list.

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