Are you getting text formatting issues in your emails? Does the font change sizes without any obvious reason? 

A common thing we see with formatting issues in emails is the text appearing smaller than it should in bulleted, unordered lists. 

Like in this example:

Note: Almost 100% of formatting issues come from pasting your content from an external source. 

This is because you're not just moving over text when you're pasting—you're actually pasting over the text's styles as well. You'll need to paste the content you wrote WITHOUT formatting. 

On a Mac, use the shortcut ⌘ shift V, For Windows, use the shortcut ctrl shift V . Otherwise you'll need to write your emails in ConvertKit.

Notice how something seems to have happened to the first line there, causing it to be slightly smaller than the rest of the text. Select the line of text that needs changing, and then we're going to do some re-formatting to set it straight.

With your text selected, at the top of the email editor is a formatting icon, (looks like a backwards "P"). Click the formatting icon and have it set to Normal Text.

In some cases, nothing may appear to be different after selecting this. That's ok. Next hit the font size icon (the little "a" with up and down arrows), and then we'll also set the text size to Default.

Your text should now be set to the same size as the rest!

There! That's looking much better.

If your text still isn't changing to the proper size, you can try deleting the text, and then re-typing the phrase or sentence. You may also be better off switching to the Text Only template if there are any styling conflicts that might be happening in any custom template.

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