PopupAlly Integration

Get your PopupAlly working correctly with ConvertKit.

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ConvertKit + PopupAlly: Just One More Step

So you've followed the steps, and successfully completed the integration between ConvertKit and PopupAlly. Great work! There's just one more step from there. 

Follow these few easy directions to update your Forms, for an even better workflow!

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Open your PopupAlly Settings and create your popup with desired display and style settings.

  2. In ConvertKit, go to your Form -> 'Publish' button -> 'HTML.' Copy the full HTML code from the box.

  3. Back in PopupAlly, paste the code into the 'Sign Up HTML' box in the Style Settings tab.

  4. Save your Form

One Last Thing! Thank You page Option

It's important to note that, while you might uncheck the main Thank You option and save, as long as you have at least one page selected under that main option, it will override your setting. You will ALSO need to deselect all of the individual pages to prevent this.

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