We found a cool plugin that you can use to collect email signups using your blog's comment box!


Download Newsletter Signup for Wordpress

It's really easy to use with ConvertKit, you can get started in 5 minutes and be collecting emails in one of the most engaged parts of your website.

Here's How It Works

After downloading the plugin and adding it to your Wordpress site, go to the Newsl. Signup option in the left menu of the Wordpress Dashboard, and click on List Settings.

Simply fill in your Form action url and add .html to the end (so it goes to the confirmation page).

Then add in the field IDs for email and first_name to match ConvertKit.

It should look like the image below (except 52673 will be your unique form ID).

That's all!

Quick Disclaimer: Because comment boxes are not normal areas to gather emails, this is a place you want to only use double opt-in so that people are clear they have confirmed receiving emails from you. There are more options in the plugin under Checkbox Settings where you can specify the text next to the checkbox.

Here's a great article from customer Seth Spears on how to create a specific opt-in for comment boxes. We highly recommend following his advice!

Spears Marketing: How to Convert Blog Commenters to Email Subscribers

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