At ConvertKit, we're Subscriber-centric, rather than list-centric. This means we bill based on the number of your Confirmed Subscribers. We don't charge extra for features, like Tags & Segments, or even emails sent. You will be charged only for your subscribers who are active!


You can find pricing details for all of our plans right here.

How it works

The two keys to understanding your bill are these:

1. We always pro-rate

2. We charge for the billing period ahead.

That means when you pay your $29 monthly bill on January 1st, you're paying for up to 1,000 subscribers from January 1st to February 1st. If you upgrade or downgrade in that period, we'll pro-rate and apply the difference (positive or negative!) to your next monthly invoice.

In the case of annual plans, we charge upgrades at the time they happen, and apply any credits from downgrades to your next invoice (upgrade or renewal). 

Upgrades & Downgrades

We figure your Subscriber numbers will fluctuate- that's a given. That's why we always pro-rate your bill! 

We process upgrades for you whenever possible. If you're ready for an upgrade, and we haven't already done it for you, just send us an email and we'll be happy to move you up to the next tier. 

If you clean out Subscribers, or for any reason need to downgrade, let us know. We leave that decision up to you, for now. Just reach out when you're ready and we'll downgrade your account tier, and pro-rate your next invoice accordingly.

Annual Plans

We're here for the longterm. If you are too, we've got a deal for you. Our annual plans offer 12 months for the price of 10!


 Because of the bargain price, we do not offer refunds beyond our standard 30 day policy.

Refund Policy

We understand things don't always work out. If you do have to leave, we want what's best for you.

We have a 30 day refund policy, so if you cancel, you can request any funds paid in the last 30 days to be refunded in full. 

Our 30 day refund policy applies to all plans, including annual plans. We do not refund or pro-rate payments made more than 30 days prior to the request.

I need help understanding my receipt

Did you receive a ConvertKit receipt with a different amount than you expected?

This is likely because your plan was upgraded sometime last month-- congratulations!

When we upgrade accounts in the middle of the month, the amount you have already paid for the month, as well as the amount you owe for the month, are prorated (charged only for the days you used).

Here's an example:

  • On March 1, you paid $29 for the month of March.

  • On March 20, you are upgraded to the next tier, the $49/mo plan.

  • We refund the 10 days of the $29 plan you didn't use--($9.66). This is your Unused Time.

  • We charge you for the 10 days on the upgraded plan--$16.33. This is your Remaining Time.

  • We take the sum of the credit and the charge--$6.67--and add it to your next bill.

  • So on April 1, you are charged $55.67.

We would follow the same process if you downgraded your account. Let's say you've cleaned out some cold subscribers, and you are now under 1,000 Subscribers. First, email us and request a downgrade. 

Then, use the same example:

  • On May 1, you paid $49 for the month of May.

  • On May 20, you are downgraded to the lower tier, the $29/mo plan.

  • We refund the 10 days of the $49 plan you didn't use--($16.33). This is your Unused Time.

  • We charge you for the 10 days on the downgraded plan--$9.66. This is your Remaining Time.

  • We take the sum of the credit and the charge--($6.67)--and credit it to your next bill.

  • So on June 1, you are charged $22.33.

Changes to your billing information

Anytime you add or change the credit card on file in your account, our payment partner Stripe will run a $1 verification charge. 

This verification helps to ensure that the card is a legitimate form of payment, rather than stolen. It’s also checking that there are funds available! 

It’s only temporary. 

This is only a temporary charge, and will automatically be removed from your statement after 7 days. 

Cancellations & Billing

When you cancel your account, it will remain active until the last day of your billing period.

Custom Invoice Information

First, add your information to the custom information box in the app. This is in the Billing tab in your Account Settings.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings

  2. Click "Billing' tab

  3. Click 'View Billing History'

  4. Click 'View Receipt Settings'

  5. A modal will appear, where you can add information like your address or VAT number.

Account Upgrade | Downgrade FAQs

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