Unbounce Integration

Connect Unbounce with ConvertKit to collect Subscribers.

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Convert page traffic to subscribers with the Unbounce Integration & ConvertKit 

Start by clicking into your Unbounce account, and then click your Page Overview Screen. (Find this by viewing All Pages, then selecting your desired Unbounce page.)

Scroll down to Basic Form Integrations, found on the lower righthand side. Click WebHooks.

In your ConvertKit account, head over to Grow > Landing Pages & Forms from the top navigation bar. Then go to the form you want to connect to Unbounce.

In your form, click on the Publish button.

This will open a pop-up window with different embedding options. On the far right, click on Unbounce.

This is the POST URL that you need to copy into Unbounce. Just put it into the WebHook section and save!

Unbounce will automatically check that the webhook is working properly, and then display a success message.

And you are all set! Your Unbounce landing page is now connected to your ConvertKit Form! 

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