Using ConvertKit with Weebly

How to add your ConvertKit form(s) to your Weebly website.

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Adding your ConvertKit forms to your Weebly website is quite simple.

Here’s how to set it up!

Copy your ConvertKit form’s embed code

First, you'll want to either create a new form in ConvertKit, or open an existing form by going to the Landing Pages & Forms page under the Grow tab in the top navigation bar.

Click on the Publish button at the top right of the form builder. Then, copy either the JavaScript or HTML code for the form to your clipboard.

Either code will work fine, though we generally recommend using the JavaScript code as it’s less prone to causing website theme conflicts. This is unless you intend to manually edit your form’s HTML before embedding your form. In which case, use the HTML code.

Paste the embed code into the Weebly website editor

Next, open the Weebly website editor for the webpage you want your form to appear on.

Drag the Embed Code element to where you want your form to be.

NOTE: Don’t drag in the Newsletter Form element. That element is for embedding Weebly’s own forms into your website.

After that, click inside the Embed Code element, select “Edit Custom HTML” and paste in your form’s embed code.

If you are embedding an inline form, your form will be immediately visible in the website editor. However, modal, slide-in and sticky bar forms will appear only in the live version of your webpage.

Click the Publish button to save your changes, then head over to the live version of your webpage to check that your forms are appearing properly.


Embedding ConvertKit forms via Weebly’s code editor

☝️ The above method is good for embedding forms on individual webpages.

However, if you’re looking to embed a ConvertKit form across your entire Weebly website, then you’ll need to add your form’s code to your website’s HTML code via Weebly’s Code Editor.

Key takeaways

  • Get your ConvertKit form's embed code by clicking the Publish button in the form builder.

  • Paste the form embed code into an Embed Code element in the Weebly website editor.

  • To embed a ConvertKit form across your Weebly website, add its embed code to your website’s HTML code using Weebly’s Code Editor.

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