Carrd is a new, simple way to build a beginner website, about page, or portfolio. You can set up pages for free, but you'll need the Pro Standard plan to connect to ConvertKit Forms. Sign up for Carrd here.

If you're just starting out and want a great looking site to collect email addresses and share your work, Carrd is an amazing option. You can watch a full video of how to create your first website in Carrd at the end of this article πŸ‘‡

Here's how you set Carrd up with ConvertKit.

In the site you've built, click on the menu in the top left, and then the + button.

After selecting Form, you'll add in your ConvertKit API key and the ID of the Form you're connecting to. You can find the API key in Account Settings and Form ID, by looking at the 6 digit number in the url of the Form content, for example You want the 123456 for your own form.

You can also adjust Form fields, a couple different layouts, and more with just a few clicks!

Here's a bio site that Matt built in Carrd in about 20 minutes:

It's also really easy to add your own domain so the url doesn't have .carrd in it!

Note the sweet email Form at the bottom! Nice, eh? Building this and writing the copy took less than 45 minutes.

Ready to build your first website with Carrd? Sign up here and watch the video below to see the entire process in 12 minutes!

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