If you are here, it is likely that you started using ConvertKit with Zapier before we introduced any Triggers.

Since we added Triggers, API Secret is now required, so if you see this error, you will need to reconnect your ConvertKit account to Zapier:

Reconnecting ConvertKit Account to Zapier

Step 1. Go to the "Choose Account" 

Step 2. Click in "Connect a New Account"

3. Add your API Key and API Secret (get those on https://app.convertkit.com/account/edit)

4. Select the newly added account and click in "Save + Continue" 5- Click in "Fetch & Continue" to test your ConvertKit account

After completing this steps, you should see the "Test Successful!" message.

You can now proceed with creating your Zap with ConvertKit triggers! 😃

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