We’re committed to offering you the best experience possible from our product and our support team.

Here are the best ways to receive support from us as we partner with you on your creator journey.

The Community

We believe the most powerful and meaningful work is done in the company of others.

Here you can ask questions, share ideas and receive feedback, and build relationships with others in your neck of the industry.

  • Join a group to meet other creators
  • Follow topics to search for answers
  • Request new features

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The Knowledge Base

Imagine having the answers you need as a creator right at your fingertips.

You do.

Our knowledge base contains every bit of information you need in order to successfully use ConvertKit to grow your list and engage your audience.

A mix of written and video content makes learning the ropes easy and straightforward. We add to our knowledge base weekly, so you’ll always have just what you need to get things done.

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The Customer Support Messenger

ConvertKit leverages a messaging platform. Here’s a quick visual of the various parts of the messenger built to provide the best experience:

For those questions and issues more technical in nature, click the chat icon to send us a message. If you suspect that you’re experiencing a bug in your account, or a feature isn’t acting as expected, we want to know about it!

While you wait.

During your wait time you can expect us to be triaging your question, and assigning the resolution to the best possible team member equipped to handle the issue. We will always reach out to you with an update and a solution.

Be sure to include the following in your message to us:

  • Any applicable screenshots
  • Name(s) of form(s), email(s), landing page(s), or automation(s) affected
  • Any additional steps you've tried

In-app support details

You may receive an initial response from our triage team and have a delay before our next response. Our response will be sent to the email address used to register in ConvertKit. If you have to leave, our response will likely be waiting for you when you return.

NOTE: If you need our response to be sent to another email address as well, please request this in your ticket.


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