In this article were going to walk you through migrating to the new Visual Automations feature released in August, 2017.

Before getting started you should take inventory of your entire Automations setup. This is a perfect time to clean out the old Forms, Sequences, and Automation Rules that aren't in use anymore. There's no sense in migrating more than you have to!

Next, please note that nothing in your account is going away. When you get access to Visual Automations, all of your Form connections, Sequences and Automations rules will work exactly as they do now. You just have a new way to connect things together.

This means that you don't need to migrate what you have set up now to a new funnel! If you're unsure, build out a new funnel with Visual Automations to explore what you can do with the new Visual Automations builder.

Then, when you're ready to migrate, start with one of your more simple automations and then move on to any more complex ones once you are familiar with the new system.

Key connections


When designing your new Automations it's best to look at your Sequences first. They tend to be central to whatever Automation you have setup. When selecting your Sequence, you should select a Sequence with a clear goal, or, a Sequence that connects to a Sequence with a clear goal.

I'm going to start by selecting my "Marketing" Sequence:


Look at all your Forms that are connected to the Sequence. You can see that on the Forms page on each Form card.

Note how the "Marketing" Sequence is selected.

There is both a Form and a Landing Page for this free guide. These will both be Entry Points into my Automation. I can combine that into one Visual Automation that looks like this:

Now that the Automation is connected I can disconnect the old Form to Sequence connection in the Form Settings page.

Completes a Sequence

Next take a look at your Automation Rule list for any "Completes a Sequence" Triggers. You'll want to use this for seeing if one Sequence connects to another.

This can now be added in your Visual Automation by adding a second Sequence as an Action:

Now my new Visual Automation looks like this:

Tag added Event

Now my new Sequence pitches Subscribers on buying my book Authority--this is the goal of my Sequence. In the Sequence settings there is an exclusion for everyone who has purchased Authority:

This works fine and I could leave it, but it's more elegant in the new system to add an Event that pulls the Subscriber forward to that point when they get the "Purchase: Authority" tag.

So now if someone purchases on email 1 of the "Authority Pitch" Sequence they will be pulled forward to the Event and not receive any more emails in that Sequence. But if they don't purchase for a while they'll receive all the emails in the Sequence until they buy.


What happens to Subscribers in old Automations?

Subscribers who are currently in a Sequence through the old Automations will continue with that even after you use that Sequence inside of an Automation. Only the new Subscribers will enter into the new Automation.

Do I still use Automation Rules?

Yes, Automation Rules will still be around (available in a tab under Automations). You'll still use them for some link click automations, purchases, and RSS feeds.

Can you trigger an Automation off of a purchase from Gumroad, Samcart, etc?

Yes. Subscribers can enter an automation through either a form or a tag. So to integrate with Gumroad you would use rules to have a tag added when a product is purchased. Then create an automation that is triggered by a subscriber getting that tag.

When should I use an Event versus a Condition?

If you want to take someone down a custom path or send them content based on having a certain Tag you could use either an Event or a Condition.

If you have a Condition after a Sequence then the Condition will wait till the Subscriber finishes the Sequence, then check if they have the Tag.

An Event will pull them forward as soon as they get the Tag, even if they've only completed part of the Sequence.

So the exact time you use each one depends on what behavior you want to have happen. The main question to ask is: "Do you want the next action to happen as soon as they get the tag?" If so, use an event. If not, use a condition.

Can I trigger an Automation based on a specific date? For example for a webinar happening on x day.

Yes! For that you'd use the "date occurs" Event trigger.

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