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How to tag existing subscribers in ConvertKit
How to tag existing subscribers in ConvertKit

Add subscribers to one (or more) of your tags!

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Use bulk actions to easily tag your existing subscribers.

Bulk actions are simple--just a couple clicks and you're on your way.

But before you can run the bulk action, you need to select the subscribers you want to perform the bulk action on. That's a little more nuanced.

There are two main ways to select subscribers, but both use the same set of checkboxes. To see what I'm talking about, visit the Subscribers tab under the Grow menu. Scroll down past the subscriber graph and look at your list of subscribers. You'll see the checkboxes I'm talking about, to the left of each subscriber email address:

Click any of those checkboxes to toggle the subscriber between selected and deselected:

This is the first of the two ways to select your subscribers.

The second way is used much more frequently. It allows you to select a large list of subscribers--either those in a segment, or on another tag, or your entire subscriber list!

To do this mass select, you'll first need to load up the list of subscribers you want to tag. Do this on the same Subscribers tab as before, but this time click on the relevant segment or tag in the righthand list. Or, if you just want to tag your entire subscriber list, that's already loaded up by default when you visit the page.

Now, instead of clicking the individual subscribers' checkboxes, click the checkbox at the very top of the column, next to the word 'SUBSCRIBER'. When you do, you'll notice all of the subscribers on the page get selected.

What actually happened here is that all the subscribers on the first page got selected. ConvertKit shows 30 subscribers at a time. This means that if there are less than 30 subscribers in the group you're trying to tag, you can proceed to run the bulk action.

However, most of the time you'll be tagging more than 30 subscribers. If this is the case, you'll notice this blue bar after clicking the top checkbox:

โš ๏ธ IMPORTANT: The blue message contains a link you must click in order to select all subscribers on all pages.

So, if you're tagging more than 30 subscribers, click the blue message now.

Ok, that's the hard part. Now for the easy part.

Once you've selected your subscribers--either individually, as a single page of 30 or less, or the full list by clicking the link in the blue message--follow these steps:

In the upper right corner, click Bulk Actions and select Add Tag from the dropdown menu.

Select your tag(s) from the menu that pops up. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Hit Save and that's it! Your subscribers are now tagged.

NOTE: If you're tagging a large number of subscribers, the action may take a while to complete. ConvertKit usually processes bulk actions at a rate of several hundred subscribers a minute.

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