From accidentally importing the wrong file, to pruning your list, sometimes, you have to delete a Subscriber. Following are 2 methods that we suggest to do this. 

Method 1: From the Subscriber Profile

If you only need to delete an individual Subscriber, the best way to do so is from within their Subscriber profile. 

Click the Subscriber you want to delete.

On the lefthand side of the page, under their Tags and Segments, click the Delete Subscriber button.

You will be prompted to confirm this deletion with a pop-up message. Click cancel to stop, and click Ok to delete the Subscriber form your account.

Method 2: From the Subscriber Page:

If you want to delete multiple Subscribers at once, you'll want to do this from the Subscribers page.

Select the Subscribers you want to delete. If you want to delete more than 30 at a time, be sure to select All in the list you're selecting in.

Click the link in the message that appears to select all Subscribers after selecting the first 30 Subscribers on page 1.

Click "Bulk Actions." Select "Delete" from the drop down menu.

Enter "DO IT" to confirm you truly want to delete them. Once you do this, your Subscribers are not recoverable, so be sure!

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