Resend to Unopens is a feature you can find on your Broadcasts page.

After you send a Broadcast, the Resend to Unopens button will appear.

This option will resend the Broadcast to all the Subscribers who didn't open the first time.

When you use this feature you'll be given the option to edit your Broadcast subject and email body before resending. 

Note: Your subject line will now say: "Resending:" before it.

Click 'Next Step' to send immediately or schedule for a later date.

Important notes:

You can only resend to Unopens once per Broadcast.

We recommend you use this feature sparingly. Do not resend every single Broadcast, and resend a few days or a week later, rather than the next day.

One last tip: the Unopen numbers will be accurate up until the moment you resend, even if you schedule the resend a week in advance!

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