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The Difference Between Forms and Landing Pages & FAQ
The Difference Between Forms and Landing Pages & FAQ

How landing pages and forms differ, and use cases for each.

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Let’s talk about opt-ins.

Simply put, an opt-in is a way for your audience to say yes to receiving your content. In order to build your list of subscribers, and earn a living online as a creator, you need these opt-ins to be simple, easy to use, and straightforward.

In ConvertKit, you’ll find our designs to be just that--simple and effective. There are two types of opt-ins for you to choose from, and each has a terrific use, depending on your needs.

Let’s start with landing pages.

A landing page is a stand-alone opt-in which can be used with or without a website.

If you’re just starting out, this is a great fit for you because it takes the guesswork out of building a website while you’re also working to build your list.

Each landing page you create will have its own shareable link, allowing you to share it across multiple platforms, and we host it for you so once you create it and hit publish--it’s live!

Landing pages are also a terrific way to test a new idea. Let’s say you have an idea for a collection of journal prompts, but you’re not sure anyone would be interested. You can create a landing page in just a few minutes, using your journal prompt idea as the freebie.

It might look like this:

If your audience is interested, they’ll sign up which tells you your journal prompt idea is a hit and you can get busy creating a whole bundle of those to sell as a product!

Now let’s quickly cover forms.

A form is an opt-in embedded directly on your website or blog.

If you already have a blog or a website, a form is a great way to allow your audience to opt into a specific niche of your content.

A great example might be that you have a blog about gardening, but you’re putting together a workshop specifically on how to start a greenhouse. Your form would allow those people in your audience who are there for the gardening tips, but also interested in learning more about greenhouses, to say yes to this workshop.

Not everyone in your audience will be interested in every aspect of your content, and this is a great way to segment and engage more specifically with each group of people on your list.

(Side note: they’ll also feel a better connection with you because of this technique!)

Something to remember: a form will not have a specific share link, as it will “live” somewhere on your site or blog instead. You are able to have multiple forms throughout your site/blog, each with a different purpose.

Both landing pages and forms can be found within your account, in the top nav bar.

So, how do you want to gather subscribers? 😃



Can I embed a landing page on my site?

Landing pages can't be embedded within pages on your site, because they are standalone pages on their own. But what you can do is use your own website's custom domain for your landing page!

If you use WordPress, you can accomplish this easily with our plugin. If you don't use WordPress, or if your domain doesn't currently have a website associated with it, you'll have to make some changes to your DNS settings — we have a separate tutorial on that here.

Alternatively, you can always just use the direct link to your landing page that we provide. For more on your landing page link options, check out our tutorial here.

Can I customize the URL of my landing page?

Yes, you can! We overview the options available for customizing your landing page's link in this article.

Can forms be embedded anywhere?

Wherever you can embed JavaScript and HTML, you can embed our forms! We have a guide on the basics of form embedding here, which includes where to find the embed codes themselves.

In cases where your form can't be embedded, you can provide its share link, which will link directly to your form and is accessible via the form embed modal (this works best for inline forms). Alternatively, you can create a landing page and link to that instead!

What should I use to gather leads from places like Facebook or Instagram?

The best way to gather subscribers from social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to link directly to your landing page, or to a page on which one of your forms is embedded. For landing pages, you also have the ability to customize its social share image, title, and description — more on that here!

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