Landing Pages

We use the term "Landing Page" to indicate that this is designed to be its own page and contain its own sign up. This will be hosted by us, and isn't something you embed on your site, but rather it's a page that you can point people to in order to tell them about the awesome stuff you do!


Forms are designed to be embedded on your website. 

There are different templates for both Landing Pages, and Forms, because you'll use both for different purposes! 

Common uses for Landing Pages

The most common use for a Landing Page is when you don't have a website yet.

Or you might not want another page on your website, and you want something really easy to make, that's both well designed, and that you can send people to directly.

Common uses for Forms

This is an opt-in that lives on a specific page of your website or blog!

One common use is to embed a generic Form that allows people to sign up to a weekly newsletter, and have that be on every page of your website.

Many people also use our Modal Forms that pop up based on scroll percentage, time on the page, when a link is clicked, or exit intent.

How do I share my Form or Landing Page?

You can get the sharable link to both your Forms and Landing Pages!

When you are in the content editor page for your Form or Landing Page, go to the Share button.

How to Get the Share Link on a Form

  1. Go into your Form.
  2. Click Embed toward the top right.
  3. You'll be taken to a white page with several embed options.
  4. Choose Share → Copy to select your link.
  5. Hit ⌘ C (Mac) or  control C (Windows) to copy the URL.

How to Get the Share Link on a Landing Page

  1. Go into your Landing Page.
  2. Click Share toward the top right.
  3. You'll see a dropdown list with your link and a note about WordPress options.
  4. Click on click to copy to select your link.
  5. Hit ⌘ C or  control C to copy the URL.
  6. Use this link you've copied to point Subscribers to your opt-in!


"Can I embed a Landing Page on my site?"

Landing Pages weren't designed to be embedded on web pages, but you can do this with the WordPress plugin ! This only applies to WordPress sites.

"Can I change the URL of my Landing Page?"

Landing Pages are hosted by ConvertKit, unless embedded using the WordPress plugin.

"Can Forms be embedded anywhere?"

Only where JavaScript and HTML can be embedded, but you can share a link to your Form where it is not possible to embed it.

"What do I use to gather leads from places like Facebook or Instagram?"

For adding a Form to a Facebook page, find out more here. The best way to gather Subscribers from your Instagram, or Facebook, page is to link to your Form directly using the share link for you Landing Page or Form (directions listed above).

Syncing Facebook Lead Ad with LeadSync

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