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We're so glad you're here. Before we dive into building that list, let's begin with a list of our terms and integrations.


Each tool uses different terms to describe their features. Here are the ones you'll see at ConvertKit:

  • Form: How a Subscriber joins your list. Enter a name and email address and you're subscribed!
  • Landing Page: like a Form, but with more content and design. Landing Pages are stand-alone, and can be used in place of a full site.
  • Sequence: A series of emails sent automatically based on a subscription date. (MailChimp calls them automations, Aweber calls them follow-up sequences, Infusionsoft calls them campaigns, other tools call them autoresponders.)
  • Broadcast: A one-time email sent to a specific group of Subscribers (or to your entire audience).
  • Subscriber: Someone who gives you their email address to receive updates. Subscribers are account-wide with a single profile. This means as you add data, it all goes into one profile rather than creating duplicate Subscribers across lists.
  • Tag: A bit of metadata added to a Subscribers profile to track their activity or preferences. Tags can be used to keep track of purchases, what a Subscriber is interested in (e.g. design vs marketing), how engaged they are (clicked a link in a launch Sequence), and where they were imported from. A Subscriber can have an unlimited number of Tags.
  • Segment: A saved selection of any combination of Forms, Sequences, and Tags. This makes it easy to access later for sending a Broadcast, or viewing the total number of Subscribers. Segments never have duplicate Subscribers even if the Subscriber is in multiple sources for that Segment.

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