You can now use ConvertKit with Webinar Jam to send your webinar leads into a ConvertKit Form.

 To use this feature, setup your webinar in Webinar Jam like normal, and then follow these instructions when you get to Step 5: Integrations.

Select "Not Integrated" to open the autoresponder integration. Then select "Other" for the integration type.

Get your code from ConvertKit

Now inside ConvertKit create a new Form for the webinar registrants. The Form style doesn't matter since it will just be a bucket for new Subscribers.

Then go to the Form Settings, and the embed tab. Grab the entire HTML embed code:

Paste the code back into Webinar Jam. Then fill in the other fields as shown:

Save the integration and you're all set!

You may also want to check out Webinar Jam's "Other" integration guide for more information:

ConvertKit customization

There are a few more options to configure on the ConvertKit side: 

  1. Confirmation email. By default ConvertKit will be using double opt-in and sending a confirmation email to each person who registers. If you want, you can turn this off (or customize it) on the "Incentive Email" tab of your ConvertKit Form Settings.
  2. Connect to a Sequence. If you want your registrants to automatically get emails inside ConvertKit after they subscribe, you'll want to connect your Form to a Sequence. 

Connect Form To A Sequence

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