We've made it easier than ever to switch over from MailChimp.

In this guide we will walk you through how to get your list imported- along with your existing tags- into ConvertKit seamlessly.

Let's get started!

Log into your convertKit account.

Once you've opened your ConvertKit account and you're logged in, scroll down on the main page until you see the 'Add Subscribers' button:

Next you will be presented with three options, and you'll want to click the 'Import from another provider' option:

You'll see MailChimp in the list of providers here. When you click on the MailChimp option, you'll be taken to your MailChimp account (so make sure you're logged in), where you can grab your API key. This is what will connect your accounts together in order for the transfer of data to occur.

☝️ Remember that this is sensitive information and should not be shared with anyone.

Your MailChimp API key can also be found via this link.

Once you click the button, sit back and take a breath while your list and all of your tags are imported into your account. This could take a little while, particularly if you are importing a larger list, so we will email you with a confirmation once the process is complete.

Once everything is finished, you should recognize your existing tags from MailChimp on the right sidebar. From there you can organize them however you wish! For a little extra help with these, check out this article.

Need to clean your list before importing into ConvertKit?

If you want to take the opportunity to clean up and re-organize your list, you may not want to automatically import your entire list. Instead, you can choose to import a tag manually by downloading the csv file from your MailChimp account.

To go this route, head over to your MailChimp account, select 'Audience' then 'Tags'. This should lead you to your list of different tags already set up in your account:

Find the desired tag, then use the drop down menu to the far right to download your CSV file:

Once you have the file downloaded, go into your ConvertKit account and create a new tag for this specific list:

After the tag is created, go to the add subscribers button just above and select the middle option: 'Import A CSV'.

Select the tag you just created from the options, then drag and drop or upload your file. Once the import is completed, you will be able to view your subscribers listed under that tag!

From here, you can simply repeat this process for each of the lists you wish to import into your ConvertKit account. And don't forget! Since ConvertKit is subscriber-centric, rather than list-centric, all of your subscribers will be on one list instead of several.

Things just got easier for you in managing your list, and now you can get back to doing what you do best- creating!

What does Subscriber-centric mean?

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