Our customers tend to notice their Unconfirmed Subscribers when they first switch to ConvertKit, because most other email providers don't show you this information. We do! 

Here are a few reasons why we won't allow you to manually confirm the 'Unconfirmed' Subscribers:

  1. If confirmation emails aren’t delivering the first time, sending them again won’t change the result.
  2. By manually resending a confirmation link, this is effectively emailing your Subscriber - and would defeat the purpose of a double opt-in. (In other words, there’s no evidence that the person who received it the first time didn’t just simply ignore it and doesn’t want to hear from you again).
  3. If somebody really wants to have the chance to opt in again, they can sign up on a Form, and the Confirmation Email will fire again. (Our system will never allow a Subscriber to receive the same email twice!) 

There are also a couple of ways to improve the number of Unconfirmed Subscribers!

  1. Your Form redirect page (or 'Thank You' page) can have very specific instructions about how to Confirm, and why they should confirm their interest in your list.
  2. You can turn on "auto-confirm new members" on your Forms, so that anyone who signs up is added to your list, regardless of whether they click "Confirm" or not. This creates a single opt-in process.

Single vs. Double Opt-In

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