Shopify is one of the most popular commerce platforms on the web, and you can directly integrate it with your ConvertKit account!

Connect to Shopify

Go to Automations → Integrations in your ConvertKit account. then select Shopify.

Enter your Shopify URL. For our test store we used

Note: Your Shopify URL will be Refer to your Shopify account to find your unique url.

Click the Authorize button to connect to your store.

An authentication popup will appear. Select "Install ConvertKit".

The popup will close.  Click Next.

And you're done! It's time to make a visual automation and make use of this new integration.

Create an Automation for Your Products

Now we're going to actually do something with this new integration. To get started, go to automations and click the New Automation button.

Then select "Create Automation" to create an entry point for your automation and select "Any Product" (or a specific product if you prefer).

Note: If you don't see your products or have questions about the Purchase feature, click here to see the Purchases Setup and FAQ

From there you can add customers to Sequences, and/or Tags, to create the perfect post-purchase experience. 

Visual Automations Actions

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