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WooCommerce Integration

Connect WooCommerce with your ConvertKit account.

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You can subscribe your WooCommerce customers to any form, sequence, or tag in ConvertKit.

Let's walk through how it works.

NOTE: Everything gets set up using the ConvertKit WooCommerce plugin. You won't be able to select your WooCommerce products directly from your ConvertKit rules or visual automations. The settings for adding tag(s) upon purchase are located in the WooCommerce plugin and/or the individual products within WooCommerce.

Connecting ConvertKit to WooCommerce

First download, install, and activate the ConvertKit WooCommerce plugin.

Or, use the interface to search for the plugin directly in Wordpress. It looks like this in a default install:

One the plugin is installed, in the WordPress sidebar, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration.


First things first, be sure to check the box that says Enable ConvertKit integration.

Subscribe Event

You'll also want to set the subscribe event to Order Completed so that the plugin tells ConvertKit when a customer has made a purchase.


Next add in your ConvertKit API Key and API Secret. You can find your API Key from your ConvertKit account here.

Optional Opt-in

If you want to give new customers the option to opt into your email list, (rather than doing it by default), you can check the box to Display an opt-in checkbox on checkout.

This will allow you to customize the checkbox label, checkbox default status, (checked or unchecked), and the checkbox display location.


You can use the Subscription setting to add a subscription to all customers who make a purchase. Here you can choose a form, sequence, or tag. In WooCommerce, Sequences will be labeled as Courses.

This is a global setting so it will be applied if someone purchases any product you sell. Scroll down to learn how to subscribe customers based on the individual product they purchase.

Refresh Forms

If you're not seeing your form, sequence, or tag from the dropdown menu, click the button that says Refresh subscription options.

Name Format

Use the Name Format setting to choose how the customer’s name is sent to ConvertKit.

Purchase Data

Check the Purchases checkbox to send purchase data to ConvertKit that can be used for segmentation.

Per-product subscriptions

If you sell more than one product, you'll probably want to segment your customers based on which product they purchase.

To do this, you'll can go to the individual product's settings page. In the righthand sidebar, you'll see an option labeled ConvertKit Integration:

Here you can can select any form, tag, or sequence to add customers to when they purchase the individual product.

You can also set up a visual automation in ConvertKit to follow-up with your customers.

For example, if you linked your product to a tag (let's say you called it WooCommerce tag), you can create a visual automation that starts with the tag and follows up with a sequence (or whatever you like!).

What if my order is stuck in processing and won't send to ConvertKit?

Go to the product(s) you're selling and check to see if the Virtual box is checked. If it's not checked, go ahead and check it, save the product and try a test order. That should do it!

Download the plugin

With the plugin, you can make sure your customers are getting a customized experience based on their purchases. Get the plugin here if you haven't already.

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