If you send weekly newsletters, you might be making use of our Broadcasts function. Broadcasts work great for this purpose, but it also means that any new Subscriber misses any newsletter that was sent before they subscribed. As a great solution, set up a newsletter Sequence, so that your new Subscribers can receive newsletters each week, and they don't miss a single one.

Watch Matt explain the benefits of setting up your Newsletter this way:

Here's how to set it up:

1. Create a Sequence, name it something like "Newsletter Sequence."

2. Add your newsletters as individual Sequence emails. Make sure to save!

Option 1, sent on the same weekday for each Subscriber, each week:

This option is for you if you send out weekday specific newsletters, like Taco Tuesday.

3. Go to your Sequence Settings, and choose which day of the week you'd like to send your emails, and what time.

4. Make sure each Sequence email is spaced "1 day after last email." This will ensure your email goes out each week.

Option 2, sent based on when a Subscriber joined your list:

This option is for you if your newsletters are not specific to any weekday. Your Subscribers will receive your newsletter on all different days of the week.

3. Leave all the days checked on your Sequence, and select time you'd like your emails to deliver.

4. Make sure each Sequence email is spaced "7 days after last email." That will ensure your email goes out each week, based on the date your Subscriber subscribed.

5. Build a custom unsubscribe link so Subscribers can unsubscribe from your Newsletter without being unsubscribed from your entire list. We recommend creating a Link Trigger to add a "Newsletter Opt-out" Tag.

6. Create a Newsletter Segment that includes all the Forms and Tags you want to include. If you want all new Subscribers to receive your newsletter, add all of your Forms.

7. In your Sequence Settings, under the Exclude options, select the "Newsletter Unsubscribe" Tag. Now any Subscriber with this Tag will not receive anymore Newsletters.

8. Add each new Newsletter as a new Sequence email. When it's ready, set it to publish and it will send to the subscribers who have received the last newsletter. Subscribers who haven't will receive their next scheduled email!

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