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Genesis eNews Extended Integration
Genesis eNews Extended Integration

Easily connect ConvertKit with the Genesis eNews Extended plugin

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This article will show you how to connect the Genesis eNews Extended plugin with your ConvertKit Forms.

What is Genesis eNews Extended?

Genesis eNews Extended is a WordPress plugin that allows you to collect subscribers from your website and automatically add them to your email marketing tool (in this case, ConvertKit!).

Why would I use the plugin?

You might be thinking, Can’t I just embed a ConvertKit form directly on my site? Yes, absolutely—here’s how. But most WordPress themes that use the Genesis framework will come with a built-in form style that matches your website’s aesthetic.

Using the Genesis eNews Extended plugin will allow you to collect subscribers using a form that matches your website’s theme. Sweet!

How to connect ConvertKit to Genesis eNews Extended:

In WordPress, go to Appearance > Widgets, then add Genesis eNews Extended widget to any sidebar or footer block.

Next find the form of your choice within your ConvertKit account.

Here are the fields you’re going to fill in in the Genesis widget:

1. Form Action

This is the URL for your Form. All you’ll need for this step is to find the Form ID. You can find this by looking in the address bar in the Form editor and copying the string of numbers:

Then simply replace the numbers in the following URL with your Form ID numbers:

Paste this new URL into the Form Action field in the Genesis eNews widget.

For example, the Form Action for the form mentioned above would be:

2. E-Mail Field

Add the following text (don’t forget the underscore!):


3. First Name Field

Add the following text:


4. Last Name Field

Leave this one blank.

That's it! The other fields can be customized or left blank.

In the end, your Genesis widget should look something like this:

Setup a redirect

It's a good idea to send your Subscribers somewhere after submitting their email—for example, a thank you page!

Open your form and click 'Settings' from the toolbar across the top of the page:

Then, under 'General', choose 'Redirect to an external page' to choose where the subscriber goes after they submit the form:

One Last Thing...

If the Form is still giving you an "Uh Oh" error page, try disabling the reCAPTCHA, which you can find in the ConvertKit form settings under 'Advanced':

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