Over 80,000 websites have the Genesis eNews Extended plugin installed and styled for their site.

This article will show you how to connect it with the power of ConvertKit.

Genesis- eNews Extended

Here's an explanation of the Form fields that matter:

Form Action

This is the URL for your Form. It needs to have the form ID in it. If you're using old Forms, here's the format:

 If you're using the new Forms, here's the format:


If you're unsure, the URL of your Form will either have /forms/ or /landing_page/ in the address bar itself. You'll need to change "12345" to your specific form ID. You can find this by going to your Form and looking at the URL. It will have the ID right in the URL.

E-Mail Field

For this, if you're using an old Form, you just need to add this text:


 If you have a new Form, add:


First Name Field

Just add the following regardless of which Form you have :


Last Name Field

Leave this one blank.

That's it! The other fields can be customized or left blank.

Setup a redirect

It's a good idea to setup a redirect to send your Subscribers somewhere after submitting their email. This can be your preferred thank you page!

If you're using a Legacy form created before July 1, 2018, you'll find the option by opening your Form and going to Settings → Main Settings, in ConvertKit.

For Forms created with the New Form Builder after July 1, 2018, open your form and click 'Settings' from the toolbar across the top of the page:

Then, under 'General', you can configure what happens when the subscriber submits the form:

One Last Thing...

If the Form is still giving you an "Uh Oh" error page, try disabling the reCAPTCHA, which you can find in the ConvertKit settings modal under 'Advanced':

Integrate with your favorite tools

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