One of the main questions we’re asked in support and our training workshops is this,

"How can I start a Sequence on a specific day?"

There are many reasons you’d want to this, but a few of the main ones are:

  • Start a webinar follow-up Sequence at a specific time/day (we do this all the time).

  • Seasonal Sequence (like Christmas!).

  • New Year habit Sequence.

  • Gathering interest for Sequence idea.

  • Have all Subscribers on the same lesson at the same time.

Sequences are designed to be evergreen, so within the Sequence Settings, there isn't a way to kick off on a specific date. But enter Visual Automations!

Here’s how you do it

Create a Visual Automation.

The entry point can be the Tag or Form that kicks off your Sequence.

Add an Event 

Select "Date Occurs." Enter the date you want your Sequence to start.

Add an Action

Select "Sequence." Select or create the Sequence you want. Be sure to set the first email to go out immediately, (put in 0 days after subscription), for it go out at your specified time.

That's it!

Want to 1-click add this entire automation to your account? Add it to your account here.

Visual Automations: Events

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