If you're using Wordpress and you suddenly find yourself seeing a bunch of 404 errors across your site, then this guide is for you.
You likely recently installed the ConvertKit Wordpress Plugin. The error is a result of installing the plugin but not completing setup.
In order for the plugin to know which ConvertKit account is yours, and can pull in the correct Forms, you'll want to navigate to your ConvertKit Account Settings and look for two API keys- a public API key and a private API key.

Click on your profile gravatar, and then click Settings.

Then, click on Advanced from the lefthand navigation. This will show your API key.

Next, in a separate window, go to your Wordpress ConvertKit Plugin Settings.

Here, you'll see it asks for your two API keys. Simply copy and paste the correct API keys into your plugin settings. Finally decide if you want to set a default Form for all your blog posts or set this to None. Then click save.
Now all your 404 errors should be gone! 😃

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