We've just made a BIG improvement to our Sequences!

You may have experienced your Sequence going off-schedule, as it tried to "catch up" subscribers and get them on schedule-- no more!

The old way

The way our Sequences used to work, they would send emails based on a Subscribers date of subscription. When we made the change, based on the last email, the "catch up" function, once an awesome feature, caused a lot of unexpected sending of Sequence emails.

Specifically, if your Sequence email had been in draft, once you published, it would start sending an email once per day, until your Subscriber was caught up. This would also affect users excluded in the Settings, and then re-included.

If you added new emails to the beginning of the Sequence, this email would also be sent to Subscribers, even if they had already completed the Sequence. We heard you, and we're so excited to share our improvements.

So now what happens?

Your Sequence now behaves like you'd expect.

  • If your email is in draft, and you change it to 'Publish,' it will be sent based on the emails in the Sequence they have already received!
  • If you add an email near the beginning of the Sequence, it won't go out to Subscribers who have progressed beyond that point in the Sequence.
  • We've improved the messaging around the Email Status, so you know exactly what is going to happen before you hit 'Save.'

You can see this in the improved messaging around the status of your Sequence Emails. Here are some examples:

If an email in the middle of your Sequence is in Draft, and you change it to Published, you'll see this message: 

I am seeing this message on the email, "Academy Lesson 4." Because this email is scheduled to deliver BEFORE Academy Lesson 5, any Subscriber that has already received Academy Lesson 5 will not receive these Sequence email.

This makes it really easy to update and add Sequence emails for new Subscribers, without affecting existing Subscribers!

If you make any changes about the order of your Sequence emails, you will see a note about the updated order of the email:

I saw this message on a Sequence email after I moved an email before this email, instead of after.

As always, if you have any further questions, please send a message to [email protected]. We're here to help!

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