For a long time, the Form Graph was the main place to see where new Subscribers were coming from. 

It shows the number of Subscriber signups to each Form, but not unique Subscribers. It also doesn't show Subscribers from other sources, such as Zapier, integrations, or imports.
The Subscriber Graph changes all of that.

You can see growth for your entire account

Also available is the option to view Unsubscribes as well as Net Growth:

Like the Form Graph, you can change the date range. This graph uses our Subscriber filter, just like Broadcasts and Segments!

Creating Subscriber Filter

You can also change the view from Months - Weeks - Days! The best feature of them all, however, is the ability to use this new graph to see a specific Segment, Form, etc, of Subscriber growth:

With this new graph, several more filters are going to be released soon! (Including country/region, city, product, and more!)

The original graph is sticking around

With the addition of the new, we are not saying goodbye to the old! The Legacy Form graph is still available too.

Form Graph

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