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Can I use one ConvertKit account for multiple domains or businesses?
Can I use one ConvertKit account for multiple domains or businesses?

Considerations for utilizing one ConvertKit account for multiple sites or blogs

Updated over a week ago

As a Creator, you may be passionate about multiple endeavors. This is great! It might not make sense for you to open a ConvertKit account for every blog you own. However, there are some things so consider if you choose to keep everything under a single account.

Our general advice is:

  1. If your blogs/businesses cater to different segments of the same audience, then one ConvertKit account will work fine.

  2. If they are separate blogs/businesses with distinct audiences, you will have an easier time creating a separate account for each blog.

We won't ban your account or stop you from managing email marketing for multiple sites in one account. But! Keep in mind that there are some ConvertKit features you may not get to take full advantage of.

The 'All Subscribers' filter

ConvertKit was built to be subscriber-centric, and this means you really only have one list. You can use segments and tags to carefully separate one audience from the other, but you won't ever be able to use the 'All Subscribers' option when sending broadcasts or creating segments, as that will include subscribers from both audiences.


If a subscriber is in both audiences, it is possible for them to unsubscribe from both while only intending to unsubscribe from one. We highly recommend you create custom unsubscribe links that include explicit statements about what will happen if they click "Unsubscribe."

Reply-To Address

You can only set a single default "From" address, which means every time you create a broadcast or sequence for the "other" audience, you'll need to remember to pick your other reply-to address from the dropdown. By the same token, we only store a single custom domain per account, so if you want to use that feature you'll need to choose the domain that's more important to you.

Watch your Opt-Ins

Managing multiple audiences in one account can be tricky when it comes to opt-in consent. Remember that a subscriber opted in to specific content, not all content. Subscribers must consent before receiving any email from your other area of interest. Even if it's sent by accident, any unwanted email is spam and can impact your engagement rates and sender reputation.

Best Practice: An Account for Every Distinct Audience

A fresh account for every distinct audience is the best practice and our advice. It allows you to avoid the obstacles outlined above. Please keep in mind that, beyond this article, we cannot provide any additional support to running email marketing for multiple audiences in a single account, because we don't specifically advise doing so.


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