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The ConvertKit Broadcast Dashboard
The ConvertKit Broadcast Dashboard

Everything you need to know about your broadcast dashboard & stats.

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The broadcast reporting dashboard that bundles everything together in one place.

From the broadcast report, you can see who your broadcast was sent to, who opened it, and who clicked your links.

With this information right at your fingertips, you'll be able to tell exactly how your broadcasts are performing. 🙌

Let’s go over the different sections on the reports page:

Engagement Overview

From the engagement overview page, you’ll be able to see all of the important stats for your broadcast. You’ll see the number of recipients, open rate, click rate, unsubscribe total, and the top links that were clicked. If you sent an A/B test, you will also see the test results on this page (even while the test is ongoing!).


The content page shows you what the broadcast looked like when it was sent (i.e. content and template). This page will also tell you the published date and time for the broadcast.


The recipients page will give you a list of subscribers that this broadcast was sent to.

From this page, you can use bulk actions to add/remove a tag or sequence, export the subscribers, or delete them.


The opens page will show you all of the subscribers who opened your broadcast. You’ll also see the overall open rate for this broadcast.

As with the recipients tab, you can use bulk actions to add/remove a tag or sequence, export the subscribers, or delete them.


On the clicks page, you’ll find a list of links that were included in your broadcast. Here you’ll be able to see how many subscribers clicked on each link.

If you click on the number of subscribers, this will take you to a new page where you can see exactly which subscribers clicked on the link.

You’ll also be able to use bulk actions to add or remove a tag, add or remove a sequence, export the subscribers, or delete the subscribers that clicked on a particular link.

💡 Tagging based on link clicks is a great way to segment your subscribers!


On the unsubscribes page, you’ll find a list of everyone who unsubscribed from your broadcast. This means they’re no longer on your list and won’t receive any future emails from you.


If there were any errors when your broadcast was sent, you’ll be able to see them here.

Resend to unopens

Our resend to unopens feature allows you to send your broadcast again, only to the subscribers who didn't open it the first time around (learn more here).


If you’d like to copy the content and/or design for this broadcast, you can do this easily with the duplicate button.


The share button will take you to a new page where the broadcast has its own webpage. This means you can copy the URL and share your broadcast with others who weren’t on your list when you sent it.

Enable on public feeds

You can activate this option if you want your broadcast to appear in the newsletter feed of your landing pages (more on this here!).

Once enabled, you'll be presented with some additional options to configure:

And that's it! Our broadcast reporting provides what you as the creator need to know in order to grow your audience and your business.

Looking for even more robust reporting?

With our Creator Pro plan, you have access to advanced deliverability reports, which can also be filtered to display isolated data for specific subsets of your list.

If you want to determine the status of your broadcast, check out the article below. 👇

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