So, now you’re an affiliate, and you’re ready to get started sharing ConvertKit with your clients! 

Let's do it.

5 Ways To Promote ConvertKit & Build Your Income

1. Teach Everything You Know… about ConvertKit!

A great way to bring value to your clients and Subscribers is to teach through an email course, all about the importance of email marketing. Share your first-hand knowledge and build their beliefs in the process, and in the importance, of staying connected with their audience consistently. Highlighting ConvertKit is the icing on the cake!

One thing to consider is to offer valuable content in a free course, like this one. Share what you know, build trust, and then tell them how you do it!

2. Build Out Your Resource Page

If you already have a brilliant resource page, add ConvertKit to the list of great tools you use to be successful. If you haven’t yet… build one! People want to know what YOU decide is worth it, and this is the perfect opportunity to share.

A great example is to offer a ‘toolbox’ of sorts, like this one:

Another option is to spell it out, all on one page. Here’s another great example of what it could look like for you:

Sharing your resources, and a bit about how you do what you do, is a great way to teach what you know!

3. Tell Your Story

One of the most powerful ways to share about what you care about, (rhyming game on point), is to write about it! It doesn’t need to be lengthy, or high tech. Sharing why you switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit can be simple. Maybe you would like to share why ConvertKit Automations were a game-changer for your online business. Tell your story! It will inspire others.

4. Join Us For A Live Promotion

You can partner with us to bring your readers value, great content, and a shot at test driving ConvertKit for FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Work with our Sales Team to facilitate a live event, promotion, or webinar! Engaging live through promotional work is a fantastic experience all around, and will also create the perfect window to demonstrate how ConvertKit works, and why you’re passionate about it.

Probably the easiest ways to share ConvertKit is to harness the power of the link. You can use the existing, ‘Powered by ConvertKit’, link at the bottom of your emails, to link to your ConvertKit Affiliate account! 

Mic drop.

We hope this inspires you on to greatness.

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