If you're editing the HTML of your Sequence or Broadcast emails and trying to do things like italicize or underline using tags such as <i></i> or <u></u>, you're using deprecated markup tags.
 With the introduction of HTML5 several years ago, these tags, among many others, are deprecated (outdated) and instead newer methods of doing the same thing have been introduced. If you find that your code is not doing what you expect, there's a chance you're using a deprecated tag.

Here's what your tags should look like! 

  • To italicize (emphasize) text:  <em></em> 
  • To bold text: <strong></strong>
  • To underline text: There isn't a direct replacement for this. Instead, you need to edit your template so that you can add a class such as "underline" to the text you want to underline. For example, in your custom template you would add the following class:
     .underline { text-decoration: underline; }
     Then in your email editor, you would underline a paragraph by adding the class to your paragraph tag like so:
     <p class="underline"></p>
     Or if you want to wrap a specific word to be underlined, use span tags like so:
     <span class="underline"></span> 
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