Everything you need to know about Creator Pass

Creator Pass gives new creators an all-access entry to 4 amazing courses, as well as teaching, and tools needed to build a thriving business- all focused on doing work that they love. 

Most commonly asked questions: 

What if someone is already a ConvertKit customer and they purchase Creator pass? Who will the commission go to?

Ambassador tracking works on first click attribution. Therefore, if a customer is already in the system as referred by an Affiliate, and a different Affiliate refers them to purchase the Creator Pass, the original Ambassador will earn the commission for that.

If they are already a customer, they will stop paying their monthly subscription until they exceed the Subscriber limit of the plan they purchased. 

What if someone exceeds the Subscriber limit of their Creator Pass plan?

Then the original Affiliate who first referred them will start receiving monthly commissions for as long as they are a customer of ConvertKit!

Creator Pass will be an ongoing, evergreen product, so you can promote it anytime using the Affiliate link in your Ambassador Account! You can find this under the campaign name, “Creator Pass”.

When can I start promoting Creator Pass?

Right now! Again, this will be an evergreen product, so you can promote this at any time. That could mean next week, next month, or next year - whenever you want!

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