Wishlist Member Integration

Do you use WishList Member to run a membership site? If so, you might have something like this set up:

Customer buys something --> customer gets added to WishList Member level --> customer's email address gets subscribed to an autoresponder, list, or sequence in a tool like AWeber or MailChimp --> customer gets content delivered automatically to their inbox

If you're ready to switch everything over to ConvertKit so you don't have to pay for a bunch of different tools, you're in luck.

We just rolled out a seamless integration between ConvertKit and WishList Member!

Here's how to set it up:

Step 1: Install the ConvertKit Plugin For WordPress

For the integration to work properly, you need a ConvertKit account, an active version of WishList Member installed on your site, and an activated ConvertKit plugin for WordPress. Step 1 Cropped If you haven't downloaded and installed the ConvertKit plugin for WordPress yet, go ahead and check out this article first: http://kb.convertkit.com/article/use-convertkit-wordpress-blog/

Step 2: Configure WishList Member Options

Step 2 - Configure ConvertKit Plugin

  1. Click on WishList Member in Settings --> ConvertKit
  2. Choose the ConvertKit form you'd like a customer to be subscribed to when they sign up for your membership level (make sure the form exists in your ConvertKit account first, otherwise it won't show up in the dropdown menu)
  3. Choose whether or not to unsubscribe somebody automatically from ConvertKit if they choose to cancel their membership (we recommend checking the box)
  4. Click Save Changes

Step 3: Make Sure Other Autoresponders Are Disabled

Now that you've hooked up WishList Member and ConvertKit, we need to make sure WishList member isn't pushing subscribers anywhere else. Ideally, you shouldn't have to be paying for more than one email tool! Step 3 - Disable any existing service Disabling your current autoresponder is easy. All you have to do is click WishList Member in your WordPress sidebar, click AutoResponder at the top of the page, and choose None in the AutoResponder Provider dropdown.

Once you've saved your changes, WishList Member will push subscribers to ConvertKit exclusively, and your customers will seamlessly enjoy the content they've signed up for without having to take any further steps to access it!