Zippy Courses Integration

Zippy Courses is a WordPress plugin for running membership sites and teaching courses. The integration with ConvertKit is handled through an additional plugin that you can download here:

Download the ConvertKit + Zippy Courses Plugin

Once downloaded you'll need to upload it to your WordPress install and then activate it by adding your ConvertKit API Key.

Step 1: Activate ConvertKit in Zippy

  • In the Zippy settings, click on the Email Lists tab.
  • Choose ConvertKit and paste in the api key (found in the account settings).
  • Flip the activation switch to Yes. As in "Yes I'm activating the most powerful email platform for my business".

Step 2: Create Sequences in ConvertKit for each course in Zippy

Next, you'll go in ConvertKit and create a sequence for each course in Zippy. Think of the content like a welcome email thanking them for the purchase.

Step 3: Create an Automation to Tag your "Students"

Since Zippy connects your buyers to sequences, we think you should also set up automation rules for each sequence so you can tag the buyers and easily see who is in each Zippy Course from your ConvertKit subscriber dash. Here's how:

Rule:  Subscribes to Sequence --> Add a Tag

Simply make the tag the same name as the course. We like to add a descriptor of "Zippy" before the course name, so they're all grouped alphabetically, e.g.  Zippy: Underwater Basket Weaving.

Step 4: Connect each Zippy Course to the ConvertKit Sequence

Back to Zippy. Open up the course and click on the  Email List tab for that course. Go to the ConvertKit area and select the corresponding sequence to the course.


That's it! Happy Teaching!